Supply Chain Management (registration is closed)

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This Courses is offered by

Agro-Industrial Systems Engineering and Management Group

Department of Agro-Industry Technology and Management

Faculty of Agro-Industry, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

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Module 1 Case studies of supply chain
Unit 1 Unit 1: A Case Study of Retail Logistics
Unit 2 Unit 2: A Case Study of Manufacturing Supply Chain
Unit 3 Supply Chain Performance, Strategic Fit and Drivers
Module 2 Distribution and Network Design
Unit 1 Distribution
Module 3 Distribution and Network Design
Unit 1 Distribution and Network Design
Module 4 A Case Study of Supply Chain Project (Group Assignment)
Unit 1 A Case Study of Supply Chain Project (Group Assignment: 19 Feb 2016)
Module 5 Handout Materials- Preparation for Midterm Exam
Unit 1 Handout Materials -Supply Chain Management
Unit 2 แบบทดสอบกรณีศึกษา Supply Chain Management Project
Module 6 Cross-Functional Drivers
Unit 1 Cross-functional Supply Chain Drivers